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News : Montessori Education


Why Multi-Age Grouping In Montessori Schools

September 20, 2019

By Marcia Kidd Families new to Montessori are sometimes puzzled by one of the hallmarks of Montessori education, the multi-aged classroom. How does it work, and how do teachers manage […]

Montessori’s Five Great Lessons

September 13, 2019

By Marcia Kidd Each year, Lower Elementary teachers share with their students Montessori’s story of the universe, the Five Great Lessons. The Five Great Lessons are the backbone of what […]

Helping with Back to School Transitions

August 23, 2019

By Marcia Kidd Another school year has begun at MSL! With it comes the excitement of new friends and learning experiences, and sometimes a few butterflies. During the first few […]

The Importance of Early Literacy

January 29, 2017

  When describing learning goals for our youngest Montessori students, several words always come to mind – independence, control of movement, social skills, and language, language, language! Montessori referred to […]

Helping Your Child to Deal with Aggressive Behavior

January 29, 2017

  Sooner or later, as our children enter their world of peers, they will confront the child whose interaction with them is negative or even physically aggressive. When this happens, […]