Tuition and Fees



Tuition and fees are contracted for each MSL student on an annual basis. Tuition contributes to the overall cost of educating each child, including teacher salaries, materials and overhead. Fees are assessed annually to provide the cost of snack, supplies and activities for each student. Tuition is prorated for children enrolling after October 1st.

2017-18 Tuition and Fees Schedule

2018-19 Tuition and Fees Schedule



Tuition and fees for the upcoming school year are approved by the MSL Board of Directors.


Tuition rates and fees are communicated to families of currently enrolled students. Enrollment contracts for the next school year are issued to returning students in January, with a $400 acceptance fee due for each student in order to secure enrollment for the next school year. Siblings of currently enrolled students are given priority consideration for enrollment and are issued contracts on the same timeline.


Enrollment contracts are issued to new students who have completed the steps for admission. Upon acceptance, new MSL students receive an annual enrollment contract outlining tuition and fees. Contracts are returned to MSL with the $400 tuition deposit, which serves as the family’s enrollment commitment for the next school year.


Tuition payments begin for FACTS Tuition Management accounts for the next school year for families who elect monthly payments.


Student fees and in-full tuition payments are due for families who plan to pay in full.

Tuition payments

MSL works with third-party vendor, FACTS Tuition Management to facilitate monthly payments. Families who choose not to pay tuition in-full for the year must enroll online in FACTS to activate their monthly installment account. New MSL families can access instructions to activate a new online enrollment by downloading the How to enroll in FACTS Tuition Management.