Remote Learning

COVID-19 Updates

Last Updated: 04/28/2020

To the MSL Community,

Last week we learned that schools will be unable to return to in-person instruction for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year and we remain committed to delivering online instruction, according to public health guidelines, in order to protect our students and the greater Louisville community.  

We are also thankful to our community for their commitment to MSL which has enabled us to retain all of our teachers and staff. They have been working hard to deliver their very best in providing a remote Montessori education for your children.  We also remain committed to supporting each other.  So, if you are experiencing financial challenges during this time, we ask that you send a personal letter to describing your circumstances. 

There are still many questions to answer especially as we look to the 2020-21 school year.  When will social distancing restrictions be relaxed?  What about summer camps?  Will classroom space and sizes need to be different in the future?  What if the virus spikes again? We are working on answering those questions among many others and will share our answers as soon as possible.  Our goal is to provide you with certainty, but we also need to acknowledge that some uncertainty will persist given the nature and scope of this pandemic.

We as a board will move forward with the best interests of our community in mind.  We know that we are only one of many stakeholders of the community.  We are fortunate to have a proactive and engaged community of families that want to help get MSL through and ultimately recover from these series of events.

We continue to feel honored to carry forward the mission and vision of MSL and have tremendous gratitude for the teachers, staff, families and children that are the Montessori School of Louisville.  

Thank you.

The MSL Board

Last Updated: 04/22/2020

Letter from HOS

Update: 4/21/20

MSL Virtual Town Hall

Update: 4/19/20

Montessori School of Louisville is committed to ensuring the safety and health of our community. Monday, March 16th, we transitioned to a “Remote Learning” phase. This was a proactive step to do our part to slow the spread of illness, lessening the impact on our healthcare system. Read a NY Times article about “flattening the curve.”

Students will not be on campus during this time. The earliest we can welcome students back to school is May 4th. But this date could change. We will update this page as events unfold.

Replicating what happens in our classrooms is not something we can achieve during this period. Our goal: work in collaboration with families to maintain the culture of learning that is unique to Montessori, and provide families with support and activities that match the developmental needs and characteristics of the child.

Above all, we are a community, and it is dislocating not to be able to see everyone. As such we want to work together with compassion, wisdom, and courage. We are doing everything we can to maintain our community and to make sure your children are engaged in learning during this unprecedented time. For this, a huge shout out to our teachers and staff, who, like you, are doing this daily work from home, many surrounded by their own children. School is open, we are just doing it differently, and it is hard work. We are meeting as a faculty and in level teams on a regular basis, sharing feedback, and improving the delivery model and content as we go.

Prepared Environments at Home

Images above examples of home learning environment L-R: Mothers Abroad, Pretty Handy Girl, TYChome ABC Rug, The Kavanaugh Report, How We Montessori, Montessori Method

For our younger students, the learning environment is your home and surroundings. This means finding ways to support independence, engage in meaningful tasks and supplement learning through various activities suggested by teachers.

Upper Elementary and Adolescent Program students will need all of the above, and should establish a quiet space for any specific assignments shared by teachers. For our older students, it will be important for them to maintain their routine of handing in work and receiving feedback from their teachers. Overall, we can approach this as an opportunity to be creative and collaborative—we are here to support you through this process.


Supporting MSL Businesses

We are continuing to add to our list of small businesses and non-profits run by parents in our community. Find ways to support our families here.

Many national charities and organizations are also helping those affected by the pandemic. Here is what you can do to support them.