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Marcia Kidd

Director of Admissions

Bachelor of Music, University of Louisville

  • Kindermusik Training
  • Montessori Educators International Early Childhood Diploma
  • Montessori Educators International Elementary I and II Diploma
  • 39 Years Teaching Experience

Marcia’s career has always been in education. She became interested in becoming a Montessori teacher through observing and volunteering at her daughters’ Early Childhood classroom in Winchester, Kentucky. “Like many of the families I currently tour at MSL, I was amazed by the order and peacefulness of the children as they went about their work with such dignity, concentration, and attention to detail. I was also very impressed with the beauty of the classroom and the materials and all that the children were learning through their own activity at such an early age.” Several years later, Marcia entered Montessori teacher training, earning Early Childhood and Elementary I and II certifications. “Still today, when I observe in a Montessori classroom, it is reaffirming and emotionally moving experience for me. Bringing our touring families into the classroom to observe the children at work is one of the most exciting parts of my job.” She believes that Montessori education in a loving and nurturing atmosphere is a gift to children with benefits to last a lifetime.

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