Montessori School of Louisville welcomes all its families to volunteer their time and talent in a variety of capacities. Volunteering is a valued contribution to your child’s school, forges bonds among school families, and provides a meaningful and useful outlet for families to give back to MSL. There are many ways that families are able to volunteer at MSL.

Become an Active Member of the PTO

Did you know that upon joining the MSL community you are already a PTO member? Our goal is to have 100% of our families actively participating in our school community. There are volunteer opportunities during the day, evenings, and weekends. The more you are involved, the more you will learn about Montessori and your child’s experience at school.  Give Back! Be Involved! Volunteer!!!

Volunteer in the Classroom

  • Business advisor: Our elementary classrooms dip their toes in entrepreneurship. Our middle school classroom runs a classroom business to help support their offsite travels. Help advise our students to learn how to create budgets, manage expenses, and write a business plan.
  • Reading volunteers: Volunteers arrive daily to read individually with children in each classroom. Volunteers are asked to commit to one hour per morning for the year. This is a great opportunity for moms, dads, and grandparents.
  • Cultural cooking lessons: Once a month the students move their talents to the kitchen to cook dishes from around the world with our volunteers. Do you have talents in the kitchen? This may be the right opportunity for you.
  • Spelling helpers: Once a week, spelling volunteers work with students on their spelling skills. Included in this opportunity are: practice, games, testing, and Spelling Bee practice.
  • Literary book club volunteers: Volunteers help facilitate book discussions once a week with readers of the same level.
  • Special art projects: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, holiday projects. These are generally one day volunteer opportunities to help the student create a gift for parents.
  • Special projects: Occasionally our community will come together to work on a project for our children (making benches, creating stepping stones) or gather items for those in need. Helping with these opportunities makes it possible for our students to see the importance of reaching out to help those in need.
  • Materials making: Teachers are always thinking of new and wonderful lessons for their students. Materials making is a way to help from home. It not only gives you an inside look into the community, but your child can see daily work you have helped to create for his or her classroom.
  • Photographer: There are never enough pictures. Parents are strongly encouraged to document the year in photographs. Share your photographs of school events on Bloomz.
  • Field trip chaperone: One day events at the elementary level and 3-4 day overnight trips offer parents an opportunity to act as chaperones and travel off campus with their child’s class.
  • Holiday productions: Holiday performances always need volunteers to help with setting up the event, practicing with students, and restoring the environment.
  • Technology volunteer: Gifted techies are always needed to help students learn keyboarding, basic computer skills, how to create websites, programming, and app creation.
  • Clubs: Would you like to lead Girls on the Run, Cross Country, Destination Imagination, Math Counts, Boy Scouts, or Girl Scouts? Leaders are always needed for these activities.

Volunteer in Schoolwide Events

  • Visioning Day: Visioning Day is an opportunity each year for members of the MSL community to become involved, come together, laugh, plan, and discuss the future of Montessori School of Louisville. MSL’s opening in 2006 represented a leap of faith taken by a group of parents dedicated to Montessori education. Each year at Visioning Day, the task of planning the course of MSL’s future is passed on to current families and friends.
  • Butterfly Benefit: MSL hosts an annual gala event called the Butterfly Benefit. The first Butterfly Benefit was held in February, 2009 at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, KY. The event was conceived as a means of sharing the accomplishments of the MSL Community, while highlighting the humanitarian work of both Dr. Maria Montessori and Muhammad Ali. Since then, the Butterfly Benefit continues to be a festive yearly event characterized by a shared meal, fellowship and fundraising to support the school.
  • International Day: Held on a rotational schedule, International Day is a celebration that brings our community together with food, music, and crafts. Within the classroom, students and teachers are working on projects that delve into the culture of a particular continent. Parents volunteer to create dishes, art projects, and games to share with the community on a Saturday afternoon in spring.
  • Open House: The best way to support the growth of our school is through the positive experiences of current families. Having current families involved in our Open House event is one very important venue for facilitating such exchanges. The role parents take in Open House events depends on the needs of the administration.
  • Spring Picnic: This event offers a chance for the community to reconnect in the spring. It is a time to spruce up the gardens.
  • Bridging Ceremony: Our bridging ceremony is the annual celebration in which our community comes together to honor our students as they transition between program.
  • Teacher Appreciation: Teachers at MSL care for our children with sincere and loving hearts. Every year we show our appreciation during the first full week of May, which is National Teacher Appreciation Week.
  • Yearbook: Our annual yearbook publication depicts events from the school year. This labor of love is a continuous project that offers flexibility for volunteers. If you have an   artistic side, this opportunity is for you.
  • Accreditation: MSL is AMS and SACS accredited. Throughout the year, we send home surveys to gain insights on how we can better serve your child and family. These surveys help us to develop our strategic plan for the upcoming year. In addition, when actively seeking re-accreditation, a group of parents is asked to help in the process. Parents will work together with staff through this two year process.

Required Forms

Any volunteer that is on campus for any role is required to complete a background check. Please complete the following form and submit to either the elementary or secondary office.

Join a Committee

Committees are critical to MSL’s future growth. Committee members envision, create, and execute our strategic plan. Meetings generally occur once a month. Please reference the school calendar for details.

The success of committee projects require both experts in their related field, but also adept event planners, communicators, strong leaders and enthusiastic implementers.

Please consider offering your time and lending your skills

  • Finance – Financial policies and procedures.
  • Development – Grant, donor and fundraising efforts.
  • Building and Grounds – Oversees property, building and major equipment.
  • Special Projects – Programming for students, alumni and faculty.

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